For Employees Who Are Willing and Committed to the Goal;
With Myliba's Three Superpowers, Performance And Potential Are Constantly Increased.
Declare your goal!
Declare your goal by knowing what you are working for and how you will contribute! Build your team in seconds.
Clarify contribution and involvement!
Track who wants to achieve what and how much they contribute. See and remove risks and obstacles instantly.
Celebrate results together!
See and appreciate the results achieved on time and celebrate together with all contributing teams!
Game-Changing Next-Generation Performance
Don't stress over points!
Stop performance interviews that require hours of preparation and create workload! Don't give subjective and confidence-breaking performance reviews!

Myliba makes you look forward to the 1-on-1 interview.

Don't give directives with hierarchy!
Don't set goals with a chain of command. Don't try to fit goals by department or status!

Myliba enables you to declare high goals and create a goal-oriented organization.

Don't lag behind the competition!
Don't get stuck in KPIs! Do not leave your future strategies that you worked for months hanging in the air!

Myliba brings strategy down to action.

Who Uses
Senior management and strategy professionals who want to turn strategy into action and monitor real-time implementation
Institutions that want to establish a new generation performance improvement system
HR professionals who want to develop a high performance culture
Myliba Team